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Alien Languages...

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For some unknown and ricidulous reason I get thousands of visits to this page from people looking for the lyrics to the Ewok celebration song. Well, it's there. So is your first step towards learning tlhIngan Hol, the Klingon Language.

Sing with the Ewoks or say a few words in Romulan. From Star Trek to Dune, this page is dedicated to languages spoken in galaxies far, far away.

Halloween 2011

On Hallow's eve...

This is my Halloween page... Vampires, werewolves, monsters, and Darth Vader.

I put up pictures of every costume I wore on Halloween night since 2003. It is, after all, my favorite night of the year...

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The Dolphin's large and highly encephalized brain has previously been the source of many speculations about its intellectual potential. Today we know that the dolphin is indeed a highly intelligent mammal, and we have a much richer appreciation for and understanding of its intellectual specialization and abilities.

Learn more abour dolphin behavior on this page.