• I’m still alive
    I have no news of any kind but I realized I haven’t posted here in ages. I’m good I hope you’re all doing OK.
  • Hey Chicago! (C2E2)
    I will be in Chicago at the end of the month for C2E2! Click here for my schedule. Come say hello!
  • Deal Alert! A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT is $2.99
    Grab your e-reader! A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT is $2.99 for a limited time. US and Canada. (I haven’t checked every vendor but it seems to be everywhere.)
  • Hello Seattle!
    Hey Seattle! I’ll be at #ECCC, March 2-5. It’s my first time since 2018 and I can’t wait to go back! So far, I have two panels on Friday with signings. It’s Thrilling: Keeping Readers on the Edges of Their SeatsFri, Mar 3, 2023 • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PMLocation: Room 340-341 It’s Thrilling: Keeping Readers on the Edges of Their Seats, Panel SigningFri, Mar 3, 2023 • 1:45 PM – 2:45 PMLocation: Author Signing Tables 1-4 Science Fiction vs. FantasyFri, Mar 3, 2023 • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PMLocation: Room 340-341 Science Fiction vs. Fantasy, Panel SigningFri, Mar 3, 2023 • 6:15 PM […]
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  • Playlist #3!
    Hi! As with the previous two books, each chapter title in FOR THE FIRST TIME, AGAIN is a song title from the years the story takes place in. You’ll find the playlist on Apple Music and Spotify, or you can me it yourself using the list below. Note the “Author’S Cut”, which contains songs that aren’t available for streaming in North America. Chapter / Song “Just a Girl,” No Doubt (1995) “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?,” Moby (1999) “Run,” Collective Soul (1998) “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” The Verve (1997) “Criminal,” Fiona Apple (1996) “Interstate Love Song,” Stone Temple Pilots […]
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  • New Audiobook!
    -What kind of message would you have sent into space? -I wouldn’t have. -Why not? -Because they might hear it, and then they might come. You can now listen to NO KINDNESS TOO SOON, an #AudibleOriginal full cast production (the entire cast is truly amazing), available on Audible.com and Amazon
  • 🎂 Happy Book Birthday To Me! 🎂
    A History of What Comes Next is out in paperback today, and it’s sporting a brand new look! “Part historical fiction, part sweeping sci-fi epic, part gritty technological odyssey, this unclassifiable novel is like nothing we’ve read before. ” —Apple Books Learn more…
  • Giveaway! (until January 15)
    Enter here to win an ARC of UNTIL THE LAST OF ME. Ends on Jan. 15. (US and Canada only)
  • UK friends, the paperback of A History of What Comes Next is available now
    Just in time for the Holidays! The title is embossed. It’s really cool.
  • #2
    I’m just going to leave this here. Apple Music: http://tinyurl.com/TakeThemToTheStars2… Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/neuvel2
  • Cover Reveal!
    Introducing UNTIL THE LAST OF ME, book II of the Take Them to the Stars series. They are the One Hundred. Mia and her daughter find clues about their forgotten past. Will they break the rules and risk everything in search of answers? Their lives, and that of everyone on Earth, hang in the balance. This story is set in the seventies and eighties. As with A History of What Comes Next, each chapter title is a song title from the story takes place in. Trust me, you’ll want to listen to this one’s playlist.  UNTIL THE LAST OF ME releases […]
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  • All the Lost Magic – Publishing in the Pandemic
    Magic. Books are full of it. For real. I don’t mean this as a metaphor. I mean actual supernatural powers and every single book ever written has them. I think it has to do with why we write. No author I know sits down thinking: “I’m going to write a book for everyone.” We put something on paper because we think it’s awesome and we do it for people like us who’ll go: “Whoa! That’s awesome!” You write a book for people who will dig that book. It’s simple, but that’s where the magic is. It works every time. The people who […]
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  • FPTV: Sylvain Neuvel unveils A History of What Comes Next!
    I had a blast talking to Forbidden Planet about A History of What Comes Next. Check out the interview here:
  • The Playlist
    Each chapter title in A History of What Comes Next is a song title from the years the story takes place in. The playlist is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, but just in case you want to recreate it yourself, here it is: Chapter Song Sentimental Journey, Les Brown (with Doris Day) (1945) The Honeydripper, Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers (1945) Begin the Beguine, Artie Shaw and His Orchestra (1938) I Wonder, Cecil Grant (1944) Crawlin’ King Snake, Big Joe Williams (1941) Lili Marlene, Marlene Dietrich (1938) God Bless the Child, Billie Holiday (1941) Hot Time in the Town of Berlin,Bing […]
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  • Further Reading links in A History of What Comes Next
    If you only listened to the audiobook, you didn’t get the links and notes that are part of the Further Reading section of the novel. Here they are.
  • Behold the UK cover for A History of What Comes Next
    I’ve had the most incredible luck when it comes to book covers. Which do you prefer? US or UK?
    There are very few genuinely ‘good’ characters anymore. But how far can you take their actions before they morph into villains? I try to answer that question on CrimeReads. Click here for full article.
  • The Big Idea: Sylvain Neuvel
    John Scalzi was kind enough to have me over for a Big Idea post on his blog. (Thank you, sir!) Here is: What Makes You You? (And why the Tolkien family might sue you.), on Whatever
  • Space Race 101 – Episode 4: Where’s Orbit?
    Low Earth Orbit, Middle Orbit. High orbit. We look at all the orbits and what it takes to get there. Also, Legos, a banana, and a real rocket goes BOOM!
  • Space Race 101 – Episode 3: Can We Get a Better Rocket?
    Warning: This video contains major COVID hair. The war gave us the V-2 rocket, let’s see what post-war rocketry has in store. Spoiler: it’s not that different.
  • Space Race 101 – Episode 2: What’s a rocket?
    In this episode we talk about what makes a rocket a rocket. Hey, maybe we’ll even make it to space.
  • Introducing Space Race 101
    I wanted to share what I learned while writing A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT, so I made a series of super professional videos about the space race. They’re part science, part history, probably part wrong (I’m not a historian or a rocket scientist), but I tried to make it fun.
  • Free extended preview of A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT
    You can get a sneak peak at the upcoming novel. Just follow this link and pick your ebook format. You can read the whole story when it comes out on February 2 in North America (March 4 in the UK). Library Journal calls A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT “A highly crafted and unique look at the space race, through the eyes of those who exist only to ensure its success” and ” a promising start to what looks to be a dark and exciting trilogy”. I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering the book between now and February. Pre-orders make a […]
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  • A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT gets a starred review from Publishers Weekly!
    Waiting for the first trade reviews when you have a new book coming is always a bit nerve-wracking. Well, the first review for A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT is in, and it’s a starred review from Publishers Weekly! “Two women push the space race forward in this thrilling series opener from Neuvel (The Test). […] The balance of wry narration, wired action, and delicate worldbuilding make for deeply gratifying reading.” I can’t tell you how good this feels. You can read the entire review here: https://www.publishersweekly.com/9781250262066
  • John Boyega, Payman Maadi Star In Gavin Hood-Directed ‘The Test’
    AAAAHHH!!! THE TEST is getting the movie treatment! I hope we get a start date soon. I couldn’t be more excited about this. You know John Boyega, of course. Payman Maadi is such a great fit and Gavin Hood is an amazing director (Ender’s Game, anyone?) You can read more on Deadline.com
  • In conversation with Terry Virts
    I was lucky enough to talk to former astronaut Terry Virts on Oct. 2, as part of the Vroman’s Live series. I had a blast. You can watch the one-hour conversation here (apologies for the occasional coughing, my son brought a cold back from school a couple days before)
  • Building the new website
    It’s work in progress but I hope you’ll like the new look. This post is there so I can see what the site looks like with a post in. I forgot to say hi!