One of the things I like most about writing books is learning new things and I learned a ton writing A HISTORY OF WHAT COMES NEXT. I knew almost nothing about the war when I began, very little of the space race and rocketry. There is a “Further Reading” section at the end of the novel where I discuss some of the events and people in the story. That said, there’s a lot that didn’t make it in, so I made a series of super professional videos about the space race. There are six videos. They’re part science, part history, and probably part wrong (I’m not a historian or a rocket scientist), but I tried to make it fun. 

The first episode is here and on my Youtube channel. Episode 2 will be released on Friday. I hope you enjoy.  

Note: If you want better made, more informative videos by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, try Amy Shira Teitel’s The Vintage Space on Youtube: 

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